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Two locations:

184 Webster Street
Lewiston, ME 04240

767 River Road
Mexico, ME 04257

Office Hours are
Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

e-mail: Tammy Mawhinney

Please call for an appointment.

Photos and Testimonials

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Tammy R. Mawhinney
Tammy R. Mawhinney

767 River Road, Mexico, ME
Advanced Therapeutics

At Work
Tammy at work
"I have lots of lower back and hip issues from all the cycling I do. Tammy has been great at getting me back in line quickly; and more importantly in an economic way. I would strongly recommend him to anyone with recurring pain and soreness."
John Grenier - Rainbow Bikes

Tammy at Work
"Being a very active person, pain problems always seem to crop up. Advanced Therapeutics always takes care of them."
Paul Dumas - Esquire

Ice Hockey Player
"I appreciate the fact that this is pain relief without medications; it's natural . . ."

"Tammy's work optimizes my energy to keep me active as I age."
Rachel C. - Winderosa, Inc.

"Surgery didn't control my back pain; medications only worked for a few days. This therapy provides me relief for weeks and months at a time."
Bill Ullman - Retired

Bkie Riding
"Being an iron man triathlete requires an immense amount of training. The treatment I receive at Advanced Therapeutics allows me to keep up the rigorous schedule."
Tim B. - Iron Man Triathlete

"Being someone who continually does more than I should, I have found a wonderful method of removing the pain and twists I end up with. Advanced Therapeutics corrects things I didn't even realize were out of place. I have had some back pain nearly all my life. Most of it is history, thanks to Tammy."
Claudia Reynolds - Rumford, ME

Appointments are usually one hour. Most health issues can be resolved in less than four visits. Children and adults are both welcome.